Top 5 Carry Items For The Best Survival Enthusiasts

Top 5 Carry Items For Survival Enthusiasts.

Do you feel like a pack mule when adventuring? Whether you are a weekend camper, hiker, or avid survivalist you need equipment to keep you prepared during your excursions. Here is a quick list of items recommended for your adventures. 

1. A Quality Pack:


Every survivalist needs a good pack to carry his/her survival items.  It's good to look for a pack that is durable and can hold up in any environment.  

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2. A Multi-Tool: 

A Multi-Tool is a must because you can build a shelter, defend yourself, hunt for food, dig, chop, spear, and saw. Some Multi-Tools even have a compass built in for navigation. The versatile options make it a light-weight tool for any occasion.   

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3. A WaterProof Shelter:

You don't always have time to build a shelter when the elements strike.  Sometimes a poncho that can also be used as shelter is the best route for when you're on the move. Stay dry! 

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4. A Survival Kit:

A Survival Kit should probably be up in the #1 spot.  It offers so much when you are out in the wilderness from fire starters, light, fishing gear, first aid, navigation, multi-tools, emergency blanket, ropes, and carabiners.  It really is the best all around item to have on you before venturing into the great unknown.  

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5. A Water Purifier:

A water purifier is on the list because every survivalist knows you can go about 3 weeks without food, but you can only make it about 3 days without water.  What many don't know is that water contamination can be just as dangerous as no water at all.  Tainted water can cause paralyzing pain, months of recovery from parasites, or dehydration from sickness.  Clean water is a must.  

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Hopefully this list will keep you prepared for your adventure.  Stay Savage! 


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